Deliverance belongs to the Lord

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From the Lord comes deliverance. May your blessing be on your people. Psalm 3:8

How is it possible to sleep when there are so many things bothering us? A disturbed mind and a painful heart robs us of good sleep.

The Psalmist is being pursued by his own son Absalom. People were against him. But he says: I lie down and sleep. I wake again for the Lord sustains me. Is it possible to lie down and sleep in the midst of a hostile world when people have surrounded us with hostility in their hearts? Is it possible when things are crowding our mind? David gives us the secrete of a good sleep.

He confides in the Lord – he cries aloud to the Lord and receives his answer. He doesn’t sit quietly saying that the Lord knows and is watching. He tells the Lord exactly as it is. People’s actions, attitudes and words pain him. Often the Lord is the last person we go to, after we have gone to friends and family.

His confidence is in the Lord that the Lord will answer. He answers me from His holy hill. He believes very strongly that the Lord is our confidence.

  • He shields us
  • He answers us
  • He sustains us
  • He delivers us

Thy blessing be upon the people

Thou, O Lord art a shield about me. The Lord surrounds us, covers us totally that nothing is exposed to the enemy. We are secure in His presence. We can walk into the presence of the Lord with confidence that deliverance belongs to the Lord. When God is for us, no one can be against us.

One way to remember to look back and see the acts of God in our lives. We will see His works, His words and His promise at work during our difficult times.

Many of us use the Lord as our last resort when all else fails. Jesus said, call upon me in the days of trouble and I will answer you. Let us remember that deliverance belongs to the Lord.

We can therefore go to bed with confidence that God sustains us. Whenever we are disturbed, let us confide in the Lord and be confident in Him that the Lord is our shield, our sustainer, our deliverer and our blesser.

God Bless You

-Taken from ‘A Moment With God’ daily devotional book.

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