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Exodus 17:7 and he called the place Massah and Meribah because the Israelites quarreled and because they tested the Lord saying, “Is the Lord among us or not?”

The Israelites were facing their first battle. If emotionally weak and unstable, they were sure to lose the battle. David fought against Goliath with confidence. He said: I have come in the name of the Lord. David won the battle even before he fought it.

The first battle just after grumbling. It was important for them to win to know that the Lord was among them. Moses knew from experience that the battle could be fought only with the Lord’s help. And that is why he offers to go up the hill holding the staff of God in his hands. He knew from experience that if the battle had to be fought and won, he had to seek the Lord’s face.

Battles are inevitable in Christians life. They come at different crucial stages in our lives. It can be small and big. The size of the battle or the enemy or the problem does not matter. What matters is the God on our side.

Moses never gave tips, training or techniques to win. No matter what techniques or methods in place, we could lose if the Lord was not on our side. But if we stand in His presence and seek His face, we will win. Moses very confidently said: You fight, I will go up. There should be someone standing in the presence of the Lord, interceding and asking Him for strength to face the battle.

Let us not wait for a battle to spend time in the presence of God. Let us make it a habit to stand in the presence of God. So it becomes easier when we face the battle.

What are the steps to face the battle?

– Preparedness – Ready to face the enemy. He is like a roaring lion waiting for the right time to devour. Just after Jesus fasted and prayed, Satan came to tempt Him. He left Him for an opportune time indicating that Jesus was tempted over and over again. We need to be prepared to face the battle. It can happen anytime, when we least expect it.

– Confidence – The confidence is this, that if God is for us, who can be against us? Let us sharpen our stance with prayer. Let us stand our ground with prayer. Let us face the enemy with prayer. Let us celebrate the victory in prayer.

Whatever the challenges we face, God is able to deliver us from any kind of battle. Let us not walk into the battlefield grumbling, murmuring and doubting. Let us stand confidently with the Lord on our side. It is not our experience, wisdom or skill or sharpness of our mind, it is our humility, and our dependence on the Lord that will help us overcome the battle. Let us stop moving from place to place seeking people’s advice and counsel. Let us bend our knees and ask the Lord to give us victory. He will. Let us go to Him with expectation and receive the blessing.


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Rev. C A Benjamin