FEBA India broadcasts quality programmes in partnership with NGO’s, Churches and other like-minded organisations in 7 Indian languages including English, for listeners in India. The programmes are carried by traditional Short Wave (SW), Medium Wave (MW), FM and the Internet. We broadcast life transforming messages which instil hope and life to the lost.

Our programmes are specially designed to suit our audience in their own culture and environment. Each letter, phone call, email and sms is responded to, personally. FEBA’s uniqueness is presenting the Gospel in the context of relevance to the people, to evoke a genuine response to the Lord and enable them in turn to live a life of abundance.

1.In-depth Bible Study, Church on air and messages

2. Programmes relating to Health, Moral Values, Education and Social Awareness

3.Dramas, short stories and song programmes

4. Audio Bible, Health and value based programmes

5. Programmes for Special Audiences: a. Visually challenged b. Women c. Industrialists and d. Agricultural workers


The commencement of the new schedule brings in new challenges and exciting opportunities. Our challenge is to retain our regular listeners and increase the number of new listeners. The emphasis is on producing quality programmes and addressing the needs of every listener.

Summer Schedule beginning March 2019: Please note that from 7th July 2019 onwards SW broadcast on 11580 kHz will be from 6:15 pm.

To get a copy of our programme guide click link

FEBA Programme Guide-Mar2019