FEBA India has training and experience in Disaster Response Broadcasting. The team works in partnership with other agencies to bring Hope and practical help to victims, using portable equipment and distributing wind-up radios. Currently, two teams (one team from North India and another team from South India) are trained & ready to go. The teams are equipped to meet the critical information needs of the people of India during times of disaster.

We also arrange workshops which train participants in disaster relief work. The training includes teaching background knowledge of radio and its applications during unique environment experiences. Following the workshop and field exercises, the teams will have the confidence and ability to work in difficult field conditions and record radio messages that help provide critical information for a community that is recovering from a disaster/emergency. They will also have built new relationships with partners from other agencies.

Our teams were deployed during the Kosi River floods in Bihar in 2008, the cloud burst in Leh, Jammu & Kashmir in 2011 and the Uttarakhand flood disaster in 2013.


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