Appropriate media – why radio ?

For many communities we work in, radio remains a lifeline.
Radio can reach people struck by war, disaster or poverty. It speaks to communities where illiteracy is high, or where political, social or religious barriers prevent people accessing vital information and education. We use the most appropriate media for each community we reach, whether that’s community FM, short wave, the Internet or other means.
Feba seeks to build trusted relationships with its audiences, becoming a sustained and consistent presence in their lives.

Do you partner with other organizations

Wherever possible, our material is produced in-country by local people, in partnership with like-minded organisations. We seek to work alongside other national Feba and FEB associations as well as like-minded NGOs.
We actively seek to inspire potential partners to use radio or other media for the benefit of hard-to-reach communities. Through developing media skills in local people and investing time, expertise, staff, equipment, technical support and funds in projects, we plan for each – in time – to become self-sustaining.

Do you distribute Radios

We work through the most suitable media for each community we reach.
In some communities, that will be short wave. In others, it may be community FM, medium wave or the Internet and social media.
In disaster situations, it’s sometimes appropriate to distribute radios to those affected so that they can access vital information.

What do you broadcast

We tailor our material to the needs of the communities we serve. Material can:
• Provide information and education relevant to a community’s needs and issues
• Enable communities to help themselves and make positive life changes
• Provide an opportunity for self-expression, giving communities a voice
• Encourage reconciliation between individuals, families and communities
• Instil joy and relief through entertainment and humour
• Awaken the possibility of a relationship with Jesus
• Provide Bible teaching and encouragement for those who choose to follow Jesus

Does FEBA belong to any denomination

Feba doesn’t belong to a particular denomination and we don’t promote one denomination over another among our listeners.
 Our supporters, partners and listeners come from all faiths and none, joined together by the desire to see transformation in the lives of those we reach.
Many of our supporters are followers of Jesus, and come from many different denominations.
We are committed to working with the local church wherever possible, enabling it to use media to positively impact its local community.

Can someone come and speak at my Church

We have some resources for churches available for download on our website, including video clips, our Prayer Diary and our Annual Review. We can also send out posters and more copies of our newsletters by post.
We would love to be able to visit all churches who request a visit, but we have no one person responsible for this. So each request will be looked at individually on a case-by-case basis.
Please use the contact form to give as much detail as possible – about the church (and yourself), or phone up to discuss it on