It was during the World War II, three men, Robert Bowman, Bill Roberts and John Broger felt the burden to communicate God’s love for humanity. Through prayer and seeking direction from the Lord, they dreamed the vision of communicating the Love of God to the masses through Radio. With very little resources in their hands, they incorporated a non-profit and non-commercial organization, the Far East Broadcasting Company Inc. in the year 1945.

The radio ministry in India originated in the 50’s, first coming into existence in 1960 at Delhi with the participation of the Evangelical Radio Fellowship of India [ERFI] which was an arm of (EFI) under the leadership of I. Benwatti. He visited Far East Broadcasting Company Manila (FEBC Manila) and took initiative to broadcast programmes in the Indian language. In 1956, the first broadcast in two languages were beamed to India from FEBC Manila.

In 1958, Robert Merian was sent to Delhi as representative by FEBC. Training was given to ERFI people in Delhi and programmes were dispatched to Manila to broadcast. Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam & Tamil were the first few Indian languages which came On Air. In 1961, Bendoss from Moody Bible Institute, Chicago, joined the ERFI in Delhi. During this time, FEBC administration was taken over by Gorden Bell and in 1962, FEBC began working with ERFI. Allen Buckwalter (ERFI-Personal) became a part of FEBC staff along with Bendoss and his wife. In 1963, Gorden Bell traveled to different parts of India. He traveled to Chandigarh, Nagpur and Bangalore. Bell found Bangalore suitable to establish an office. A need was felt to establish the headquarters in Bangalore and to train local personnel in production. Hence, a studio and an office were set up in 1964. FEBC was re-organised and the Far East Broadcasting Associates, India (FEBA India) was formed.

As a result, programmes in a number of languages and broadcasting hours was increased but the reception of radio signal was very poor. Meanwhile, John Wheatley, who was the Programme Director in Manila, in consultation with FEBA India, started exploring the possibilities to find a place closer to India for broadcasting and as a result FEBA Seychelles emerged.

In October 1966, a prayer fellowship was launched called FEBCOM Fellowship, which later became FEBA Fellowship. Mobilizing prayer support was found to be central to the ministry of FEBA. The first hundred members who enrolled included the staff members and others closely associated with the ministry. From this small beginning, the fellowship members, donors and prayer partners have grown over the years.