It is good to give thanks to the Lord to give praises to the Lord most high. Psalm 92:1

Why is it good to give thanks?

When we look at our relationship with the Lord, thanksgiving has a two-fold benefit: it is not only the recipient who is benefited; the giver is also by our thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is, therefore, a deliberate spontaneous act.

We are all busy. We only travel through life, finding mistakes, to murmur and complain. Even at work, we can still stop and see the hand of God and say LORD, THANK YOU. It is = because of these thorns that prick us that we recognise that we have pain, that we are sensitive and that we have emotions.

We can go through life refusing to look at what the Lord has done for us. Sometimes, we even ignore it.

  • A thankful person is a grateful person. Our attitudes, our perspectives are important.

  • A thankful person is also a humble person because there is a shift from being self-centred to being God- centred. Some of us only want to receive but never wanted to give thanks.

  • A thankful person is a cheerful person. Even on a sunny day or a cloudy day. A thankful person is always cheerful. Let us remember that when we thank the Lord, it is contagious that others are cheered up.

Beware the barrenness of a busy life. Let us stop and pause and give thanks.

Thankfulness is a soil where pride can never grow because when we thank the Lord we are saying: It is not us Lord, it is all You.

When we thank Him, we say that whatever happens, we know that He is in total control. What is it that we want to thank the Lord for? What is it that is troubling us? Can we find something in that situation to thank Him?

The more we look at the things that are depressing; it will rob us of the joy of drawing closer to Him. Instead, let us turn that situation, the worry, the anxiety, the trouble into a platform to thank God and see what happens as we travel with a heart of praise and thanksgiving. It strengthens our relationship with the Lord.

Let our thanksgiving touch the lives of others so that they will recognise the presence of God in our lives. No matter how busy we are, let us keep thanking the Lord amidst our trying and challenging situations.