RADIO: FEBA India broadcasts the life-saving love of God to the people of India and its neighbors, providing them the immeasurable opportunities to hear the Gospel of Hope in their own dialect.

THE GOSPEL PROJECT: Building communities shaped by Kingdom values and Healthy living.

FEBA Online: FEBA Online brings to the online community an opportunity to listen to good music and meaningful insights, to help make the discovery of a new found HOPE and PURPOSE IN LIFE. We choose to be relevant, speak Truth and shine the Light of the Gospel.

FIRST RESPONSE: FEBA India has training and experience inĀ Disaster Response Broadcasting. The team works in partnership with other agencies to bring Hope and practical help to victims, using portable equipment and distributing wind-up radios. Currently, two teams (one team from North India and another team from South India) are trained & ready to go. The teamsĀ are equipped to meet the critical information needs of the people of India during times of disaster.